The trend for contemporary lifestyle living requires unique products which are not interchangeable. Radiance, an individual ambience and sustainability are required. Each rug is truly unique and characterised by its special sense of originality. The rugs are made using a careful hand-made process known as hand-tufting. The use of high quality, natural materials such as linen and pure new wool along with careful processing create sustainable and timeless rugs: all produced in Switzerland.

Sediment by Felix Partner: an exceptional rug featuring unique relief forms: soft, flowing and almost organic rug forms in a simple and captivating design. An intuitive pattern of lines which creates a 3D effect.

Material: 100 % linen or pure new wool

Colours: there are 200 natural colours to choose form

Pile height: 12 to 35 mm


Individual production / enquire

Sediment rug collection by Felix Partner
Material: 100 % linen or pure new tool
Colours: 200 natural colours to choose from
Pile height: 12 to 35 mm
Size: 2 x 2.5 m
Price: CHF 5800.-


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