«Branding Property. Approaches to Real Estate Marketing»

Real estate marketing is certainly not a discipline that is taught at universities or is included in the curriculum of marketing-oriented professional training. For this very reason this book aims to provide information on how to approach such tasks in order to find success in real estate marketing.

Branding Property. Approaches to Real Estate Marketing presents examples to illustrate the type of processes and methods applied, how a new brand is brought to life, and how skilled implementation can reach the specified target group. At the core of the interdisciplinary approach is the visualization of the future residents of the property that is being marketed – including their mannerisms, habits, wishes, and needs. This way, real estate marketing already plays a role at an early stage by influencing the architecture, the mix of offers and the price level of the future offer.

The book is supplemented by essays of visionary specialists. The discussed topics range from living in the future via the potentials of cyberspace and digital transformation up to marketing and brand philosophy.

  • An insider manual for real estate marketing
  • Essays by four guest authors
  • Ideas of how to bring brands to life
  • Nine case studies to explain the methodology

Visionary architecture, innovative products and sustainable communication from all fields of architecture and the construction and property industries were honoured at the Iconic Awards.


Branding Property. Approaches to Real Estate Marketing
Braun Publishing AG
320 Pages
21,8 x 26 cm
german / english
Release 05/2017
ISBN 978-3-03768-221-0
Price: CHF 68.-


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