The exclusiveness of this offer was reflected in the communication. The appearance is classy and conservative. "Susenberg90” was selected as the name of the offer as anyone, who deals with the property market in Zurich, is familiar with the exclusive location of this street. The lettering represents a luxury lifestyle, as well as the villa character of the district and the contemporary, minimalist architecture. The images of the layout in the planning brochure show subtle furnishings, therefore indicating that the buyer has great freedom of choice. The interior design game “StyleLab”, which was developed specifically for this purpose, allows the future owners to discover their preferences regarding the decoration.

see also architecture project Block of flats Susenbergstr., Zurich

Location: Susenbergstrasse 90, 8044 Zurich
Offer: 1 block of flats holding 3 freehold flats  
Means of communication: Sales brochure, website with password access, box number advertisements, Interior design game “StyleLab” including voucher for an exclusive interior design consultation
Client: Felix Partner Invest AG
Year: 2010 - 2012


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