The slogan “Expanse close by” deals with the specific qualities of the location of Gockhausen – the far-reaching unobstructed view in an area that is closed to further construction – and the spacious and transparent design of the architecture. The fast link road to Zurich City Centre – expressed by the notion of “proximity” – constitutes an interesting contrast to the concept of “expanse”. The use of the existing field name of “Langstuck”, which is rooted in tradition, as the project name does not stand in the way of a modern architecture. On the contrary, represents traditional and indigenous values and is consistent with the village ambiance that is found in Gockhausen still today. The result of combining these traditional values was the slogan “LANGSTUCK – Expanse close by”. The logo was purposefully kept simple, visualising the existing expanse of the plot and the far-reaching views.

see also architecture project Residential building complex Langstuck, Gockhausen

Location: Schützenrütistrasse, 8044 Gockhausen
Offer: 4 detached houses, 10 freehold flats in 2 blocks of flats
Means of communication: Sales brochure, website, advertisements, construction site board
Client: Corti Total Services AG
Year: 2010 - 2012


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