Twelve residential gems are for sale in an authentic building dating back to the end of the19th century in Rotachstrasse 22 in Zurich Wiedikon. Equipped with original stylistic elements, rich in harmonious and authentic details combined with a modern character. Felix Partner Design has singled out one of the old details, the heads sculpted from stone on the Art Nouveau building façade, and has hung the company communication on them. This led to the "Clever heads" branding and the addendum "Living with history". The implementation is then played out at all levels with these elements: from the brochure to the satellite ads all the way up to the website. Therefore, Swiss Life can successfully support the sale.

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Visionary architecture, innovative products and sustainable communication from all fields of architecture and the construction and property industries were honoured at the Iconic Awards.

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Location: Rotachstrasse, 8003 Zürich Wiedikon
Offer: 12 condominiums
Means of communication: 
Brand personality, positioning, name development, claim, corporate design, ads, brochures and sales documents, website, sales banners.
Customer: Fundamenta Group AG
Year: 2015


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