Solena Immobilien has its headquarters in Switzerland's Central Graubünden in the municipality of Bergün. As a specialist for the sale, management and maintenance of real estate, the family-run company is firmly anchored and well-known in the region. Since the future is now being planned with the next generation and a desire exists to set a new course, we were contacted concerning the topics of brand and communication. To enhance the image for the future, we then conducted a brand personality workshop with the persons relevant to the company, which resulted in the creation of a new company personality. This resulted in a harmonious position, which serves as the basis for the further work, in particular the claim, the colours and the pictorial world. This meant the birth of the new "Beneficial values" claim, the newly created letterheads, and the most diverse forms of advertising such as website, company brochure or proposal folder. We were shown once more that we cannot optimally implement the entire process unless we can understand and identify with the customer's culture and environment. That is how we create a win-win situation.

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Services: Company personality and positioning, brand design including claim, pictorial worlds, communication
Means of communication: Website, company brochure, proposal folder, CD-manual
Customer: Solena Immobilien AG
Year: 2015

Location: Bergün


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