Felix Partner developed the brand identity and brand design for a planned residential and business development of the former industrial area in the centre of Gossau. 'NeuRing, Life in Gossau Centre'. Name and claim are key to the selected location. In the middle of Gossau something completely new is being created: a centre within a centre. A high quality of life and work for residents, neighbours, employees, visitors, the city and the region. The visual appearance is reserved, refined and harmonious. The succinct logo combined with modern font styles, desaturated pictures, subtle tones and selective use of graphic elements convey sophistication and quality of life. The design guidelines and their range of application are recorded in a style guide.

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Services: Brand Design
Means of communication: Style guide
Client: Helvetia Versicherungen, St. Gallen /
Implenia Development AG, Dietlikon
Year: 2013


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