The project development and overall planning for the large, undeveloped property at the edge of the forest, was executed for a full service general contractor; the detached houses were developed according to the individual specifications of the private owners within the context of the overall concept. This way we created not only a number of detached houses but a building complex with a uniform character. Four detached houses are located to the rear of the plot, with two larger buildings in front that house freehold flats.  Two orientations determine the situation: the front overlooks the Glatt Valley and the back offers the residents views of a meadow and the edge of the forest beyond. Therefore, the incorporation of nature was of central significance in this location. The detached houses are laid out around a central stairwell, providing vistas and views from the ground floor to the roof.

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  • Architecture
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Programme: New build, 4 detached houses, 10 freehold flats
Services: Project development, building application, construction design
Client: Corti Total Services AG / Private
Project duration: 2008 - 2012
Location: 8044 Gockhausen


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