This ensemble creates a space with a distinct identity within a heterogeneous neighbourhood on the outskirts of the town. The residential estate distances itself from the idiosyncratic adjacent buildings as it focuses inwards. Three buildings are grouped around a central courtyard, which makes them accessible and becomes the meeting point of the building complex. The precisely defined square and the closely positioned buildings create a focal point within the faceless surroundings. The facades of the three buildings are consistently plastered in grey; therefore, the houses appear as distinct structures. Recesses in this dark building are kept in a light contrast to this.

  • Architecture
  • Development

Programme: New build, 33 leasehold flats
Services: Project development, building application, GC submission, construction design
Client: Denner AG pension fund
Project duration: 2003 - 2006

Location: Rebenweg 7/9/9a, 8590 Romanshorn


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