The Mitteldorf building complex is located in the centre of Dottikon by a river, where a well-known straw processing plant used to have its headquarters. The new estate was intended to form a dense heart of the village on the central waste land, at the same time granting all flats a view of the park and the river. The buildings fan out in three rows along the south-facing slope. Two oblong buildings with smaller leasehold flats for elderly and single people are situated along the street. In front of them are four point blocks containing leasehold flats for families, widely spaced so as to grant a vista for the buildings behind them. The three structures further down the slope accommodate freehold flats. A residential and commercial building at the crossroads forms the start of the estate. Its modulated façade makes a reference to the varying heights of the neighbouring buildings. The building creates a small public space with a village fountain opposite the community hall on the other side of the street.

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  • Architecture
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Programme: New build, 88 flats and service areas
Services: Project development, building application, full-service GC submission, construction design
Client: Swisscanto Immobilien Management AG
Project duration: 2006 - 2010

Location: Mitteldorfstrasse 2-16, 5605 Dottikon


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