The master plan for the new district of Glattpark specifies a distinct perimeter block development. The Lilienthal estate is located at the central boulevard, which extends parallel to the elongated expanse of water. The four buildings are located along the edge of the plot in a U-shape around a green court, screening the large lawn from the street. However, thanks to a number of passages between the buildings, this space remains open. Behind the heavy concrete façade, balconies expand into the depth of the buildings. In contrast to the hard shell, they are kept in a variety of pastel colours as soft centres. They provide a diversity in colours and give each flat its own identity. A glass façade opens up the two buildings on the boulevard towards the street on the first two recessed floors,  which accommodate shops and a crèche.

  • Architecture
  • Development

Programme: New build, 115 leasehold flats with a crèche and service areas
Services: Project development, building application, creative leadership
Client: allreal Generalunternehmung AG
Project duration: 2005 - 2008

Location: Boulevard Lilienthal, Glattpark, 8152 Opfikon


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