Due to its prominent location, the planned building kicks off the housing development in Sonnenhalde from the late 1960s. In its proportion and design, the new volume fits into the residential area's existing building structure. All of the living rooms, bedrooms, and glazed balconies exclusively face the quiet west side and can naturally be ventilated.  Four access towers and the bathrooms, kitchens and entry areas are located on the east side. Together these form a sound barrier against the Wehntalerstrasse. The two-level underground garage will remain intact, at the same time providing the layout for the apartment floor plans above it. The design as a lightweight four-story construction prevents excess loads.

  • Architecture

Programme: New construction, 30 rental apartments
Services: Competition, planning application, TU submission, design planning, general planning
Project duration: 2013-

Location: Wehntalerstrasse 321 - 327, 8106 Adlikon bei Regensdorf


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