For a 2-bedroom flat in the new build in Moussonstrasse 22 in Zurich, an overall interior design concept was developed together with the owner, ranging from the finishes, through the furniture, to the kitchen equipment, lamps, curtains and rugs. In addition to the colour scheme, clear lines determine the appearance and are transposed quite literally in the form of wall cladding and rugs. The personalised lounge sideboard hides a retractable TV and all of the hi-fi equipment. The wooden wall next to the bed inconspicuously conceals the passage into the dressing room and the bathroom.

  • Architecture

Programme: Fitout, 2-bedroom freehold flat
Services: colour scheme/ material selection, installations, furniture, equipment
Client: Private
Project duration: 2008 - 2009

Location: Moussonstrasse 22, 8044 Zürich


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