An older and well-established enterprise in Winterthur would like to renovate and modernise its presentation rooms, which were designed 15 to 25 years ago. The furnishings as well as the infrastructure and technology. In this process, the look and feel should be adapted to the company's own image factors: bright, fresh, modern and competent. In terms of a study contract, we have developed a contemporary redesign of the various rooms (auditorium, garden hall, and foyer, staff restaurant and piazzeria). With one basic idea originating from the works of the company: Incorporating the machine appearance by repetitive arrangement and the usage of the final product (yarn) in infinite quantities. The result is a multi-functional slatted ceiling with a homespun appearance. This enables us to draw attention to the brand and the company's own products, while leaving a simple, bright, modern, competent and unpretentious impression.

  • Architecture

Programme: Renovation of the company presentation rooms
Services: Project planning
Project duration: 2015


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