This project divides the cubic capacity of the programme into two buildings, which adopt the predominant alignment of the building structure within the district: an L-shaped structure for the office building, with the addition of a residential wing. In order to create the largest possible public space between the buildings, the structures will be positioned as closely as possible to the edge of the plot. This will result in a diagonal opening of the space towards the former marshalling yard of the WSB (Wynental and Suhrental railway), which will be redesigned into a green “rail park” with recreational and leisure equipment. To break up its length, the office building’s street façade is staggered,  creating a lively streetscape. The entrance as well as the public spaces are additionally accentuated because of their size. The galleries, opening up into the office floors, are grouped around a four-storey airy space at the foot of the cascade staircase. This creates visual connections across all floors and between the individual divisions.

  • Architecture
  • Development

Programme: New build, company head office and 48 flats
Services: Architectural design competition
Client: Credit Suisse Anlagestiftung
Project duration: 2012
Location: Bleichmattstrasse, 5000 Aarau


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