This block of flats is located at the transition between the large-scale university district and a residential area at the Zürichberg, which is characterised by Wilhelminian style town villas. The building has a distinct street façade and defines a small square at the start of the street. Its complex geometry results in an asymmetric floor plan, where the living and dining areas absorb the different angles in order to allow a rectangular layout for the remaining rooms. The elevated hillside location with views over Zurich inspired the idea to create special exterior spaces, which were integrated in the form of recessed balconies in various shapes and positions and which therefore determine the appearance of this striking building with its concrete façade. The frontage appears heavy and solid, yet open and transparent.

  • Architecture
  • Development

Programme: New construction, 8 freehold flats
Services: Project development, building application, GC submission, construction design
Client: Vögtli Immobilien
Project duration: 2005 - 2009

Location: Moussonstrasse 22, 8044 Zürich


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