Good architecture respects the existing and yet is open to new ventures. The half-timbered house in Romanshorn has been in the possession of the family of Peter Felix for generations. Felix Partner is renovating the half-timbered house, dividing it into two leasehold flats. In addition, it is building a three-family house in the adjacent large garden, which mediates between the two-storey half-timbered house and the neighbouring five-storey residential building. The new build expands lengthwise between the two neighbours and responds to the different sides with the appearance of the respective façade. In order to preserve the original character of the half-timbered house, the facades were barely touched during the renovation. Only the all-glass dormer windows in the attic bear testament to the extensive work. The structure and the precious surfaces were kept, whilst a contemporary standard of living was injected in the old structure of the building.

  • Architecture
  • Development

Programme: Half-timbered house conversion/new build 3 leasehold flats
Services: Project development, overall planning, building application, execution
Client: Private
Project duration: 2002- 2004

Location: Hafenstrasse 11/11a, 8590 Romanshorn


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