The new construction project at Rebackerstrasse 13 and 15 has a total of 16 apartments, all with a lake view. It is centrally located below the Horgen Oberdorf railway station. The two buildings are built on a slope and offer visually powerful accents due to their façade, which features suspended fibre-cement plates. Fibreglass-reinforced concrete panels are laid in the floors in relief to emphasise the plasticity of the buildings. Horizontal straps connect the whole to a tectonic unit and create a sophisticated, classic and solid impression of a pair of buildings divided in the centre by a common stairwell. The apartments are illuminated on three sides and benefit both from the lake view and their southern exposure. The room floor plans are spacious and open, and rooms can be furnished in a contemporary style.



  • Architecture

Programme: New construction, 17 condominiums
Services: Review of project development, detailed design
Client: Private
Project duration: 2013 – 

Location: Rebackerstrasse 13, 15, Horgen


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