Company presentation rooms, Winterthur 2015 Winterthur
Residential and commercial building complex, Electrolux site, Aarau Credit Suisse Anlagestiftung 2012 Aarau
Residential building complex, Käferberg, Zurich Institutional Investor 2011 Zurich
Residential building complex, Sägestrasse, Bilten Private 2010 Bilten
Residential building complex, Ringlikerstrasse, Uitikon General Contractor 2010 Uitikon
Development of the industrial site, Wehntaler-/ Althardstrasse, Regensdorf Institutional Investor 2009 Regensdorf
Detached house, Lake Zurich Private 2008 Lake Zurich
Blocks of flats, Ackersteinstrasse, Zurich Höngg Private foundation 2008 Zurich
Laboratory & Factory Conversion, Garstligweg, Hombrechtikon Qiagen 2008 Hombrechtikon
Flat conversion, Fortunagasse, Zurich Private 2006 Zurich
Residential building in Wohlen Private 2006 Wohlen
Residential building complex, Waltenschwil Private 2005 Waltenschwil
Parish hall, Bussnang Parish of Bussnang 2004 Bussnang
Penthouse, Kreuzplatz, Zurich Private 2004 Zurich