Inherent creativity

In our company you will meet architects who put their heart and soul into their work and who are committed to both functionality and aesthetics. This alone is nothing special – what stands out is that they do this in-house with other specialists, from different disciplines. The latter are equally committed to the project: designers, interior designers, communication professionals and marketing experts. 

Versatility borne from creativity

Good ideas are only genuinely good if they can be put into practice. We offer the greatest possible variety and individuality to owners, investors and clients from the most diverse lines of business and with greatly varying budgets.

Flexibility borne from versatility

Our wide perspective allows us to focus and identify the potential of a task within the shortest time. We incorporate trends and combine them with best practice and our experience. Teamwork yields a clear analysis, from which we develop novel, astonishing solutions.

Cost awareness borne from flexibility

Our extensive expertise, combined with an interdisciplinary approach, saves both cost and time. From the outset we will not only consider the aesthetic aspects of your project, but design it with a long-term, positive value development in mind. Therefore, our high standard of quality ensures economic sustainability.

Marketability borne from cost awareness

A differentiated view facilitates comprehensive global solutions as well as accentuated partial solutions. Examples include sophisticated renovations or conversions, property valuation and marketing, the search for buyers and investors, interior design and product or communication design.



A multi-disciplinary approach under one umbrella

Peter and Rahel M. Felix individually went into business in 1997 with an architecture firm and a sole proprietorship for visual communication. Today their group of companies encompasses four independent firms, which cover the entire building project process: from the development, through the property investment, to the architecture and property marketing. In addition, they cover consulting and communication design for companies in the construction and property industry, in addition to specialising in product design.